Getting a suitable loan

07 September 2021
Amara Kashif

Need of loan

One can need loans for various reasons. Mainly, people need loans for a better future and lifestyle so is always there for providing loan-related services. One can also need a loan for different personal reasons for example if you are planning to buy a new house or to renovate your existing house, you can take a loan and you can slowly pay it back with some interest easily once you can, at any time of your life.

Moreover, even if you are planning to set a business, you can take a loan and then invest your loan money over there and once it grows, you can pay that money back to the bank.

Age for taking a loan

You will only be able to take a loan if you are of age 18 or older.

Status for taking a loan

You can easily apply for a loan alone, but if you are taking the loan for doing something with a partner, e.g. getting married or cohabiting, it is important that you apply together.

What do you need to apply?

If you are planning for some loan from Ikano Bank, they will ask for some information regarding your financial status and if a couple needs some loan, then eSkat is necessary for both of them.

How loan works

Once Ikano Bank gives the loan, they will not interfere in your personal matters, so now it is all up to you whether you are going to spend the loan on buying a house or on buying a brand new car. You do not need to worry about extra hidden payments as they don’t have any hidden fee and you can loan up to 300,000 without payment and you can take loans that can suit you and your finances. Your loan amount will transfer after signing the contract.

Types of interests

There is only one type of interest that Ikano Bank offers and the interest rate is variable and the current interest rate is stated in your loan agreement. The interest is accrued monthly and is calculated from the balance on the loan given time so it’s completely safe to take a loan from Ikano Bank and it is completely trustworthy.

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